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On today’s episode of Born to Be, Sam talks with Victoria Marshman, co-founder of Mave & Chez, an ergonomic slipper brand for the stylish woman. Victoria is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, marketer, community leader, and dance educator who has run two six-figure businesses.

Victoria will talk about how she met her business partner and how their shared passion for event planning led to the creation of their first company, Stratus Events, which has already achieved six-figures in its second year of operation. She will also talk about launching City MOGULS, a community for ambitious entrepreneurs that gave birth to their signature event, The MOGUL Awards. You will learn why and how they transitioned from a service-based business to a physical product, namely slippers. You will also learn how they developed a step-by-step process of creating ergonomic slippers for women that can be worn all day. This involved conducting a SWOT analysis of about 20 slipper manufacturers, conducting surveys, and getting feedback from nearly 500 people on their slippers’ pain points.

As she reveals how you can pre-order slippers and save 30% off retail prices, Victoria will share the three problems with current slippers on the market and the solutions they hope to offer with their brand. You will also learn about their partnership with the charity Soles4Souls.

Join Sam and Victoria for this fascinating discussion about mentorship, authenticity and crowdfunding


What You Will Learn in This Show:

  • A look into Mave & Chez, including its mission.
  • How to find a great mentor.
  • The effort they put into creating their product from the ground up.
  • How their slippers are designed to be sustainable.
  • Why a Kickstarter campaign is an effective way to raise funds and gain support for your product.
  • The work they are doing with Soles4Souls
  • How to save money on your purchase of Mave & Chez  ergonomic slippers
  • And so much more…


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