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On today’s episode of Born to Be, Sam talks with Amanda Baker, chief operating officer and Herbalist at Tease Tea, a wellness tea blend company, and chief operating officer of The Founders Fund, a virtual community hub for diverse women founders seeking barrier-free funding, education and mentorship. Amanda’s career working on social impact began when, during culinary school, she was introduced to food security and the role that business played. She joined the Founders Fund team in November of 2019, and from there built a 6-month digital accelerator for women in business that included over 100 hours of mentorship and workshops, $20,000 in barrier free funding, and partnerships with BDC and HubSpot. Since 2019, Founders Fund has contributed over $200,000 in funding and resources to our community of women all across the globe.

Not long after joining Founders Fund, Amanda was asked to join the Tease team as their chief operating officer. Being part of Tease allowed her to rediscover her love of tea and develop a deep love and understanding of brand management, managing complex supply chains and digital marketing. Under Amanda’s leadership, Tease was proudly certified as a B Corp in April 2021.

During the episode, Amanda shares a little of her background and what brought her to the area of social impact.

She discusses the concept of B Corp certification and her appearance on Dragon’s Den with Tease Tea founder Sheena Brady.

Amanda explains some of the ways the company has changed since the Dragon’s Den episode, such as relaunching the company with a full biodegradable line.

She reveals the fundamental differences between her work with Founders Fund and Tease, where she has a yin/yang relationship with founder Sheena Brady.

Join Sam and Amanda for this fascinating discussion.


What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How Amanda entered the world of social impact and how she became an expert in B Corp certification.
  • Her emotional experience appearing on Dragon’s Den, and the lessons that came from it.
  • Why the best thing to happen is for your ego to be completely obliterated in order to build something that you really want, without worrying about what others think.
  • How Tease has found its ‘sweet spot’ with a revised product line and a renewed focus on making an impact.
  • And so much more…


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