How to Increase E-commerce Conversions During the Holiday Season


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On today’s episode of Born to Be, Sam talks with Lindsay King, CEO and Creative Director at Add to Cart Commerce. Lindsay’s mission is to help brands and businesses get their products into the shopping carts of their ideal customers.

Lindsay will discuss some of the trends she has noticed in the e-commerce space, as well as some of her favorite apps for e-commerce websites.

You’ll discover the most common mistakes people make with their Shopify store, along with Lindsay’s top three tips for preparing your website for the holiday rush.

She will also reveal a fantastic project she has coming up in the new year.

Join Sam and Lindsay for this fascinating discussion about holiday planning for your online store, website audits, and A/B testing.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • A little about Lindsay’s company, Add to Cart Commerce
  • How to ramp up your online store for the holiday season.
  • Strategies for increasing the speed of your website.
  • How to best set up your product catalog.
  • Why Lindsay hates the term “girlboss.”

And so much more…


A list of Apps & Sites

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