Arbonne 30-Day Challenge Review


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I’m really into clean living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I know what I put into my body will affect not only how well my body functions, but also how both my mind and body feel day-to-day.  This is where Arbonne comes in. A friend of mine introduced me to their products because I’m always looking for new ways to be healthier and live cleaner. Arbonne products are pure, safe and beneficial while being PH-correct, hypoallergenic, gluten free, cruelty free, and using no animal byproducts (vegan!), no mineral oils, no dyes, and no chemical fragrances. I loved Arbonne so much that I even became an Arbonne Independent Consultant and decided to try their 30-Day Challenge.

The 30-Day Challenge kit includes two bags of protein powder, daily fiber boost, 7-day body cleanse, two boxes of detox tea, 2 boxes of energy fix sticks, and daily packs of digestion plus. This challenge cleanses and reboots your body, putting you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. During the cleanse you eliminate common allergens including wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, coffee, vinegar, and soy. It’s also best to choose cage-free eggs and free-range meat if those are foods you plan to eat during the challenge.

Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed when I received my box. It took me a few days to get comfortable with this new routine. Before the challenge, and during, I start my day with a glass of hot water with lemon, ginger, and Himalayan salt. For breakfast during the challenge, I added a fizz stick before my workout and followed it with a protein shake with my daily fiber boost. I love seafood and I continued to enjoy lots of it over the 30 days for dinner. During a cleanse I always increase my veggie intake so my dinners always included lots of vegetables! By day three my energy was very low and I felt a bit under the weather, but my energy was back by day 5 and I felt great!

I often get bored doing cleanses, and a friend who knows me well said I likely wouldn’t make it past day 12, but I was able to stick it out and do the full 30 days of the Arbonne Challenge. For me the hardest part was not drinking wine. I love going out to dinner and enjoying a glass of wine or two with friends. During any cleanse temptations are everywhere and avoiding them can be the hardest part. But I did it 30 days without any wine while sticking to the cleanse.

After the cleanse I felt truly healthier from the inside out and will definitely do it again, maybe twice a year, to cleanse and reboot my mind and body.

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