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On today’s episode of Born to Be, Sam takes a look back at the first season of Born to Be, and the amazing conversations and women she’s had the pleasure of chatting with. The experiences these entrepreneurs have had have been powerful and transformative, as they’ve shared their unique story struggles, triumphs and everything in between. Each of these women has had to overcome obstacles and persevere through challenges to achieve success.

During the episode, Sam reflects on some of the key highlights of the season and what’s coming up for season two.  

She discusses how easy it is to look at successful entrepreneurs and think that everything was a smooth ride, and that success came super easy to them. However, the truth is there are often challenges and setbacks along the way, most of which we don’t get to see from the outside looking in.

Sam looks at her very frist conversation back in episode one with Suzie Yorke of Love Good Fats, and a conversation she had with her mother when she was very young, saying that she one day would have her own business.

She describes her conversation with serial entrepreneur and CEO Dionna Dorsey Calloway, who has been a role model for many women. They discussed her journey to founding The Creative Ladder with David Griner and Ryan Reynolds, how she balances running multiple businesses and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the creative industry.

Join Sam for this fascinating look back on season one!


What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why the Born to Be Podcast is here.
  • How to find angel investors for your first startup.
  • How do you explain to people the time and effort that goes into building a business.
  • Why Mary Young’s story shows that if you have a passion and a drive to succeed, you can achieve anything.
  • And so much more…

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