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I don’t know about you, but I’m a mess if I don’t take the time to get organized. With busy work schedules, endless to-do lists, and so many events to remember, many of us can feel a little overwhelmed these days. I find using a paper planner increases my efficiency and organization and reduces my stress, something we all have a bit too much of.

Using a paper daily planner allows me to visualize my day, week, and month easily while reducing the amount of time I spend staring at screens. Daily planners also allow us to avoid distractions that are often found on digital devices – there are no pop-up notifications on paper! I love starting each day tech-free instead of immediately reaching for my phone when I wake up.

Paper planners help to:

1.     Keep me organized!

2.     Reduce Stress.

3.     Use my time wisely and efficiently.

4.     Avoid distractions.

5.     Stick to my routines.

6.     Not miss any events, meetings, or special occasions.

7.     Plan my me-time (something I can forget to do if I don’t prioritize it)

But of course, not all planners are created equal, and choosing the right daily planner for you can make all the difference in how much use you get out of your planner. I love planner inserts because, while custom and stylish, they’re great for keeping me organized! Not only do I plan and manage schedules and to-do lists, but a planner also helps me feel fulfilled by using positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.

Getting a paper planner is an investment in ourselves and in reaching our goals. Making sure to choose a planner that you enjoy using increases the likeliness you’ll stick with it and reap the benefits of using a planner. Do you use a planner? How does it help you?

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